Tots and Co Playschool offers equal access to children and their parents/guardians inclusive of additional needs, cultural, financial status and religious orientation under the terms of the ECCE scheme. All Children are entitled to 2 full academic years on the ECCE Scheme. Children are eligible to start the ECCE Scheme in the September of the year that they turn 3 years old. For example, if your Son or Daughter is turning 3 years old in 2024, he/she can be registered on the ECCE Scheme commencing in September 2024 (subject to availability).

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The Early Childhood Care and Education Programme (ECCE)  is a universal two-year programme available to all children within the eligible age range.


The National Childcare Scheme (NCS) provides financial support to help with your childcare costs.  There are two types of childcare subsidy for children over 6 months of age:  A universal subsidy for children under 3.  Children over 3 who have not yet qualified for the ECCE are also eligible.