Please note that until all registration documents and completed form is logged with the playschool you have not registered your child for a place in Tots and Co Playschool.

Note to Parents/Guardians
Please ensure that you read this form carefully and answer all questions. We have a responsibility under the Child Care Act 1991 (Early Years Services) Regulations 2016 to collect specific information relating to your child. Also, the more information we can gather the better quality a service we can provide. Thank You!
START DATE - September 2023        LEAVING DATE – June 2024
DAYS PER WEEK – 5 Days (Monday to Friday)
HOURS PER DAY – 3 Hours per day
Who may be contacted in an emergency if parents are not available?
Family doctor
NOTE Medical Care Plans may be required
If Yes, please complete the Form Below
Parents must sign and complete a medication form before prescribed medication is administered. Prescribed medication must clearly state child's name, dosage, route of administration, date and expiry date. We can only accept medicine that has the original pharmacy label and is written in the English language.
receiving medical treatment if a doctor thinks it is required as an emergency and I cannot be contacted following reasonable attempts to do so prior to such treatment being administered.
The service will only administer ‘Calpol’ (paracetamol) or Nurofen (Ibruprofen) if a child becomes unwell and has high temperature of 38°C or over. If a child has a high temperature the parent will be contacted before staff administer the temperature reducing medication and they will be asked to collect the child.
My child does/does not have an allergy to anti-febrile medication. (Delete as appropriate)
to receive anti-febrile medication, in the event of a high temperature.
We ask Parents to supply a copy of all vaccinations the child has received
I confirm that my child has been vaccinated on dates as above
I confirm that my child has been vaccinated but cannot access details of dates
If your child is not vaccinated, we require you to sign a disclaimer form
We ask parent(s)/Guardians to leave a ‘sunny day bag’ with sun hats, sun glasses etc. in our service. All children will be required to wear a hat when playing outside in the sun. The service will encourage all children to wear clothes that provide good sun protection e.g. sun hats, sunglasses. The service will also encourage children to cover very exposed areas of the skin, such as shoulders. We ask parent(s)/Guardians to bring in a labelled bottle of unopened sun-cream of at least 40 SPF. Staff will apply the sun-cream to children before they go outdoors.
from the labeled sun cream supplied. The sun cream will be applied in the correct way all over the body and in the correct amount. I will bring in an unopened and labelled bottle of sun-cream of at least 40 SPF.
I give permission for my child
You may be asked to sign for other specific permission relevant to the service.
We have a moral and legal obligation to ensure that all children in our care are protected, and their health and welfare are safeguarded.
Our staff are mandated to report any concerns
All staff in the service are vetted through the Garda vetting unit and have the correct qualifications to work with children. We act to protect children from harm, which may arise. It is our duty in this case to question the cause of any behaviour, bumps, bruises or unusual markings. Our main concern in the service is to safeguard and protect the welfare of children. We have a responsibility to identify report and record any suspicions of child abuse to Tusla the Child and family Agency. We have a responsibility to respond to all child protection concerns.
in the event of my absence. I acknowledge unless I have spoken to the Manager my child cannot be collected by any other person.
I confirm that the above persons have been informed by me that their details have been shared with the service
Separated and Divorced Parents
Married parents are automatically joint guardians of their children. Neither separation nor divorce changes this.
By law, an unmarried mother is the automatic guardian of a child born outside of marriage. In some circumstances, unmarried fathers have automatic access. The service should be informed about access rights. Unmarried fathers will automatically become guardians of their children if they meet a cohabitation requirement. An unmarried father who cohabits for 12 months with the child's mother, including 3 months following a child's birth, will automatically become the child's guardian. This provision is not retrospective, so guardianship will only be acquired automatically where the parents live together for at least 12 months (applies to children born after 18 January 2016.)
- We cannot refuse either parent to collect their child unless a court order is in place.
- We ask that parents give us information on any person that does not have legal access to the child.
- Where custody of a child is granted to one parent, we would ask you to clarify the circumstances with us. This information will remain confidential and will only be made known to the relevant staff. If there is any legal documents i.e. custody order, barring order we would ask you to provide us with a copy to keep on file.

We believe it is important to know as much as we can about a child before they start our service. Completion of the following section of this registration form is optional for parents and guardians, but we believe it helps us to get to know the child and helps settle a child into the service if we know things about them.

Data Privacy - Consent for Collection and Usage of your personal data
I have read the Service’s Privacy Notice, and I understand the reasons for requesting the personal information sought about myself and my child in this Registration form.
I consent to the collection and processing of the data given, for these purposes, by Tots and Co
I understand that I can request a copy of this information, and revise or withdraw my consent by contacting the service at any time.