Tots & Co preschool is absolutely superb. My daughter Charlotte has loved every second of ECCE schemeThe school has the most structured, innovative & creative programme. 

I am amazed at the resourcefulness of the arts & crafts that Charlotte creates. The outdoor tunnel where the children learn to grow & cultivate their own veggiesunbelievable. The reading corner, the constant fun, interactive gamesindoor & outdoor. The outdoor play suits supplied by the school, the colour coded seating arrangement, the writing skills my child has developed, the songs, the dances, every occasion being celebrated from Christmas & St Patrick’s day to the Easter bunny visiting. These are just a mere few examples. Every day, week, monththe tots & Co team go out of their way to make every momentabout the children. It is a wonderful place for any child. 

As a secondary school teacher, I can invariably confirm that in the past nine months my daughter has matured in so many ways. The teachers are extremely organised, rotating stimulating free play activities on a daily basis. The 

education is presented in a playful manner that creates a love for learning! 

It’s a loving, clean, safe environment. Especially during this uncertain time (Pademic) 

We appreciate the patience & encouragement from all teachers in tots and Co. Liz, Marguerite & Kelly are so friendly, nurturing & totally devoted to the children & their learning. But what sets this school apart from other preschools is the school director, Colette. The programme reflects her passion of teaching. There is never a problem of any kind to Colette, the most approachable, reasonable, determined & upfront director. Without a doubt one of the best

We are so happy to have our daughter Charlotte there & would highly recommend it to any parents looking for a cool, caring yet intellectually stimulating environment. It is a credit to Colette & her team. Thank you! 

Mairead & Ronan Heavey
Charlotte's parents.

I couldnt have wished for a better school to start my kids off in.. all 3 of my kids have attended tots and co.. my youngest is finishing his first year and absolutely adores school.

We thought he would bever settle anywhere as he is a very clingy and no other way of saying it but a mammys boy but Colette and the girls took him in and looked after him like he was their own.. the level of care the children receive in tots and co is amazing, the encouragement they give each child for imaginative play and to make new friends is fantastic.. they have learned independence hanging up their own coat and other little jobs and even bringing home the vege they grow in the green house.. i cant stress enough how good this school is and how wdll they encourage children to play and help out with cleaning and make it fun.. lastly the staff are some of the best most caring people ive ever met and the comfort they give a parent knowing that their child is well looked after is priceless .. Thank you Tots and cool.

Caroline Russell

Tots & Co is an amazing preschool. The staff are very friendly and very good with the kids. Two of my children have and is attending g this preschool and I couldn’t fault it. They have been very supportive to me with my kids ☺

Alice Nevin

My son is currently attending Tots and Co play school, he truly has had a great time and has learned so much since he started last September, he has made great friends and grown to be more independent.

The programs, which we are updated with each other week through email or text and the play environment are brilliant. My three children have attended Tots and Co from 2017 to present and everyday was a joy for them to attend and they have all grown socially and emotionally. The communication between staff and parents is excellent. I am so glad my kids were able to have their experience in Tot’s and Co

Tara Doheny

My daughter currently attends Tots and Co. The impact this preschool has had on her is substantial. From the first day she entered the facility, not for a moment has there been and issue.

The increase she has shown academically and emotionally has been enormous. Tots and co provides a social emotional learning environment which emphasise the importance of learning through play. This is evident on a daily basis when my daughter explains her day on her return from pre school. No parent wants to have to leave their child each day but the affection and warmth given to my child by all staff makes this transition less daunting for all parties involved. The facility is spotless and well structured, Communication is always great between staff and guardian’s, they are always approcable if there is ever a issue. The level of care provided is just exceptional, Thank you to all the staff for all their hard work and effort.

Lisa Moore

Tots & Co is a fantastic pre school. My eldest attended 12 yrs ago and now my youngest has attended for the last 2yrs.

I wouldn’t have sent him anywhere else, Brilliant caring and attentive staff. Excellent with children of all abilities. He can’t wait to go in the morning and comes out smiling and happy every day. Would highly recommend to anybody to send their child to Tots & Co. Colette and her team are brilliant.

Geraldine Massey

Absolutely brilliant preschool, fantastic caring and friendly teachers, very helpful and observant.

My little girl went in with few words at age 2, and now almost 4 her speech has advanced leaps and bounds in her first year with Collette, Liz, Kelly and Marguerite. Preparing now to advance to ECCE 2 with them and her little friends shes made in there. Delighted I chose here to send my daughter to begin her education and learning journey , Freyja absolutely adores going in and coming home full of tales everyday 🙂

Cara Delaney

My daughter is in her 2nd and her last year of attending Tots & Co Playschool, Mountrath, She loves going to school every morning and she has learned so much in the last 2 years.

 I am amazed at how much she has benefited from attending Tots & Co Playschool. Colette and all the girls that work there are very well suited to this profession and they are all very well liked by my daughter. I would highly recommend this Playschool to any parent. with children of all abilities. He can’t wait to go in the morning and comes out smiling and happy every day. Would highly recommend to anybody to send their child to Tots & Co. Colette and her team are brilliant.

Eamhair Hearns

No words could do justice to the experience I have had with tots and co playschool, I have sent both my sons there jake 10 yrs ago and luke is just a few months off completing his second Yr, from my first experience with them 10 yrs ago.

I was blown away by there kindness and understanding to my son who had special needs, I was so nervous sending him but colette and staff eased all my worrys and each day I seen my son reaching goals I had so long wished for, my youngest son also has thrived in his 2 yrs there, even in the thick of a pandemic we were sent frequent videos of story time and wonderful craft ideas to do at home they never missed a beat and the happiness in my sons face to see the smiles from his teacher to fun crafts his friends did made the lockdown so much easier, I can’t recommend tots and co enough outstanding work they do.

Orla Doheny